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ALEX wrote on Wednesday, 26 June 2013 10:41:
Thanks for all who sees the need to spreed the word through the globe may the creater reward you all..  
ALEX wrote on Wednesday, 26 June 2013 02:09:
Thanks for all who sees the need to spreed the word through the globe may the creater reward you all..  
alex wrote on Wednesday, 26 June 2013 02:04:
we all need the word in all times  
Martin Mwale wrote on Thursday, 20 June 2013 18:11:
I am glad to recieve the word bible software copy given by our church. This has been my third year eve since i have been using this software. This is a good and well thaught of work.Reguest update it with more theological books and commentaries so that it becomes a much more must have.Thanx  
Chan wrote on Thursday, 20 June 2013 15:40:
[Your comments here]  
Kwiyuh Michael Wepngong wrote on Thursday, 20 June 2013 11:36:
So blessed by your work- theWord....God is making the opportunity for me to donate for the advancement of His Kingdom through theWord...Trusting God to Make my donation soon...
Kwiyuh Michael
Yaoundé, Cameroon  
Joseph Oriowo wrote on Wednesday, 19 June 2013 23:54:
Thanks be to God for the likes of helpers of the gospel, trying to spread the reach to many nations, in many languages. By this, the likes of me have benefited. May you all not lose your rewards with the heavenly Father, in Jesus mighty name, amen.

Thank you all.
Mike G wrote on Wednesday, 19 June 2013 21:19:

Thank you for making the WORD so easy to use for so many. May the LORD continue to bless you with strength and wisdom.  
Marcelo wrote on Friday, 14 June 2013 03:05:
Criem esta biblia para ipad e tablet com android  
Steve Laube wrote on Saturday, 01 June 2013 18:06:
Thanks for making this available, I heard about it on the Doug Hamp radio show and it was highly recommended. Looking forward to using it to increase my Biblical knowledge. Sola scriptura!  
Ricardo wrote on Monday, 20 May 2013 22:20:
Ótima ferramenta para ama a palavra de Deus, parabéns aos desenvolvedores.  
Edward Scott wrote on Saturday, 18 May 2013 17:59:

Thank you exceedingly much for your splendid contribution to the Christian/biblical software genre! "theWord" truly is not only the most-exceptional entry in the free Bible software market, but, in my opinion (with the addition of a few reasonably priced add-ons), holds its own very well against the high-priced leaders in this genre.

theWord not only provides superb module coverage in most applicable areas, but also is remarkably user-friendly. The interface truly is logically laid out, and its customization ensures maximum user productivity.

Currently, I use theWord almost exclusively for all of my Bible-study, research, and resource needs.

May God richly bless you in this and all of your other endeavors aimed at serving Him.  
Roger Casco wrote on Saturday, 11 May 2013 17:44:
Necesitamos una version más completa para los de habla española.

He revizado atentamente cada uno de sus aportes y creo que es esta herramienta muy buen trabajo, útil y necesario para los que no podemos adquirir un software con recursoso tan costosos.

Soy usuario de la e-Sword a profundidad, he probado esta version TheWord y he quedado curiosamente interesado por su propuesta.

Muchas Gracias. Jesús les bendiag y el Señor les honre por este hermoso bien que le han hecho al pueblo que desea prepararse en ciencia y conocimiento de tal manera que alcancemos lo mejor para el día de Cristo.

PAz y santidad  
PAULO wrote on Saturday, 11 May 2013 16:55:
Rolando wrote on Thursday, 09 May 2013 19:12:
gracias a Dios  
sreenath wrote on Saturday, 27 April 2013 19:05:
I have downloaded your The word bible. And it is extremely good. I pray to god that your ministry of spreading the word of god will continue. Thank you very much for spending your money and energy to create such a wonderful bible.If i am able to support your ministry i will definitely do that also. praise the lord brother.  
Dennis Matula wrote on Monday, 22 April 2013 18:33:
Greet job you guys and gals. The Word is a good program for studying God's Word. Thank you for making free. As a handicapped veteran, I cannot buy those expensive bible programs. this is perfect for me. God Bless  
Scott Pethoud wrote on Friday, 19 April 2013 12:31:
Nice program  
Tophei Cutamora wrote on Monday, 15 April 2013 20:12:
What a relief to find a very useful software like "The Word". User-friendly interface and lots of very useful add-ons at no cost! To all the people behind this wonderful software, May the Lord bless you so much!

David Kirby wrote on Monday, 08 April 2013 02:30:
Costas, Looks like a major techno miracle here. But I'm stranded in the jungle (well, actually near the beach in So Cal, USA) with a Mac Book Pro. Just saying ... [email protected]  

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