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Kwiyuh Michael wrote on Sunday, 22 May 2011 21:55:
I'm more than excited that I got the Word from a friend. It's so exciting using this Bible software. I've used three other Bible software but this one gives me a unique experience and an unbeatable match compared to the others and you know what, it's free!!! God bless you immeasurably.
Kwiyuh Michael, Cameroon, Central Africa  
Robert Saint Romain (saint) wrote on Thursday, 19 May 2011 04:34:
I have QuickVerse Platinum, BibleSoft, threw away esword, almost complete library from Wordsearch, but NONE compare to theWord! it is the most versatile and feature rich program available. And yet, free! May GOD bless you richly, for all that you have done to promote HIS WORD.  
Ambriel wrote on Sunday, 15 May 2011 01:16:
I am very computer literate, so features for me is a must. I respect and support the e-sword project, and I also own Sword Searcher. But I was amazed at the intuitive interface and that you offered custom copy paste formatting/templates because I needed that. Also, your program allows more text to be copied to the clipboard than e-sword, which is what I decided by buy modules for yours instead. Your interface is the most intuitive. I would like to see a more flexable verse copy that allows multiple passages to be copied to the clipbard at once, like SwordSearcher. Also, an audio bible module like SwordSearcher has would be nice. I already bought to modules, and I am very happy.  
Eloy Mollo wrote on Saturday, 14 May 2011 16:47:
Gracias por tan valiosa herramienta. Tengo interés en apoyar. Mas en estos momentos no me es posible.
En los primeros días de junio enviaré un pequeño donativo.
Que Dios les bendiga por este maravilloso apoyo que brindan con theWord.
Pr. Eloy Mollo
[email protected]
Jim VanSchoonhoven wrote on Saturday, 14 May 2011 00:31:
Wow! I have used The Word for years and I have always loved it, but the one area of weakness has been languages. With the addition of BDAG as a paid module you have taken a huge jump in correcting that problem, it is without a doubt the best Greek Lexicon ever written! Thank-you for your efforts. Although I already have a copy of this in another resource I may still spend the money to have it in the Word too! I have been working on my THD and this is one of my most often used resources every single day! Nothing else does what it does at any price!


In Christ,

Jim VanSchoonhoven  
Leonardo Bachtiar wrote on Tuesday, 10 May 2011 14:51:
Thank you for sharing freely this Bible software. We'll of course help spread the Word.
May the Lord bless you all abundantly.
Leonardo Bachtiar  
Ken Russell wrote on Sunday, 08 May 2011 04:27:
I've used many Bible programs over the psat 15 years and am absolutely convinced that The Word is by far the very best!

Thank God and thank you Costas.

God bless,
Ima wrote on Sunday, 01 May 2011 18:44:
Big thanks  
Bob Yoerin wrote on Saturday, 23 April 2011 00:47:
Thank You.  
Ojetade Elijah wrote on Sunday, 17 April 2011 18:17:
Dear Sir, i want to appreciate you for your cd i received recently. May God bless you more as you sportlight the gospel. Thanks Elijah- Nigeria.  
Hazel Peterson wrote on Saturday, 16 April 2011 09:15:
I am so glad to have this amazing gift! Can't wait to tell all my friends!  
Aravinth Jesuraj wrote on Wednesday, 13 April 2011 03:27:
Really a wonderful software, very good to grow in the Lord, a lot of meticulous comments and explanations that are more useful for the beginners as well.
I pray the Lord and our Saviour Jesus Christ that this painfully compiled work should benefit more and more soul should come closer unto him.
May God bless us.  
Josh Bond wrote on Sunday, 10 April 2011 00:23:
Thank you for creating the best free Bible software ever made! I like the popup that helps beginners the first time they run the program. The documentation is clear and up to date. And the author eagerly assists people who need help in the forums. And there's so many commentary and dictionary modules available for The Word now that I see users of other software makers converting them. That's how successful The Word has become and I'm thankful for it.  
Peter Pellerin wrote on Saturday, 09 April 2011 05:07:
Amazing software. The best I have used by far! The author of the software also goes above and beyond to assist the users of the software through the forum.  
Kyrillos Nagy wrote on Thursday, 31 March 2011 01:11:
Can you please add Reading plans in the next version ? because it is a great importance to me ... thanks so much  
Kyrillos Nagy wrote on Thursday, 31 March 2011 00:00:
The Best Bible software I have ever seen , God bless U all and waiting for more new features :))  
Sam Crowther wrote on Wednesday, 30 March 2011 20:59:
Can I use verses from the software in a Bible study book I inted to sell for profit?
Miro wrote on Thursday, 24 March 2011 20:10:
Thank you !  
Carl wrote on Thursday, 24 March 2011 04:21:
I am a new guest. Looking forward to study the Word.. Pun intended (smile). I trust this program is as use as it seems. I think it will be very user friendly. Thank you!  
Lipson M.Sangma wrote on Sunday, 20 March 2011 20:55:
[Your comments here] I 'm looking for easy study software that would satisfy my thirst for God's words.  

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Stay tuned!

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