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Radoslav Atanasov wrote on Monday, 27 March 2006 23:26:
My first impression is - just great! I\'m saying this as someone who studies the Bible, uses and develops biblical software.  
Robert McKallaster wrote on Tuesday, 14 February 2006 19:50:
I have recently started a home study course on the bible. I thank you very much for making all of these bibles available for use.  
Jerry wrote on Saturday, 11 February 2006 11:32:
Excelent Work {In time to will you add dictionaries,concordenances,commentaries etc  
Shane wrote on Wednesday, 01 February 2006 20:07:

Thanks for the great program. I\'m a missionary in Peru, and always studying the Word! I find myself using it more and more. It is simple and quick. God Bless!

Beth Cheesebrough wrote on Saturday, 21 January 2006 14:38:
Thank you so much for this program. It\'s a huge blessing.
God Bless you.
Robert Thoms wrote on Thursday, 19 January 2006 03:04:
I am writing a book citing only Darby\'s Translation for Scripture references. This program has become an invaluable resource because of this. Rather than typing out Scripture quotes, I can now copy and paste right into the word processor. What a time saver regarding the mechanics of such when done manually! The search facility is an invaluable resource also.

Thanks ever so much for making this available.  
Jeffrey Needle wrote on Friday, 09 December 2005 05:58:
Thank you so much for this program!

Are you taking suggestions for improvements? I wonder if I may suggest these:

1. When copying verses to the clipboard, perhaps for inclusion in a document, you get the verse numbers, but not the Bible book, nor the translation from which it came. This would be really helpful.

2. Many of us have verse notes in other Bible programs. Is there a way to import them into The Word?

3. An initial study of the files in the directory seems to indicate that the translations are pure text files, one verse per line, with an easily formatted comment at the end. You seem to create the index files at the time the book is first open. Have you asked others to contribue freely available translations for sharing?

4. Finally, is there a user forum/mail list, such as those supported by yahoo, for users of The Word? If not, would one be helpful? They\'re really easy to set up.

Thanks again, looking forward to some feedback.  
Dan Truitt wrote on Thursday, 24 November 2005 07:50:
I downloaded the software recently and had to come back to comment on it. I started playing with computers in 1997, at which time I bought the Logos software package for about $350. Since then I?ve spent hundreds of $$ adding books. Logos is a good software, but very pricey. In The Beginning Was the Word is simpler, more user friendly, and, best of all, does not peddle the Word of God for profit (where have I read that phrase before?)
Congratulations for making this software available for free. There?s nothing like it on the Internet. I live and work in Greece and it?s also the best free Greek resource available. Bravo, blessings, kudos! Dan Truitt
Jeff McGoogan wrote on Tuesday, 15 November 2005 11:13:
I appreciate the free software. I really think that I will like it!  
Roger Jamin wrote on Friday, 11 November 2005 11:42:
Good software for Bible study, and its FREE!  
Rainer Mietzelfeld wrote on Monday, 07 November 2005 12:29:
I am from germany and are thankfull for your wonderfull biblesoftware.Have set a link to you from my side.
Maranata... The Lord comes!!!
Rainer from Pforzheim (black forest)  
Charles Reeder wrote on Monday, 07 November 2005 02:09:
You really have a great program and not wanting to be ungratefull do you think you will ad a commentary or more? I enjoy the function of all the different views and bible windows. I don\'t have to abandon a scripture to check out another one. I have numerous bible programs, a lot free but I like this format set up the best. You can tell you have given a lot of thought to this great work.  
Waldemar Tauchnitz wrote on Saturday, 05 November 2005 15:37:
Thank you for this offer and this super side.
Unfortunately I speak not English and must a Translater use. Cordial greetings from Loerrach to Athens
Kerry Gorham wrote on Thursday, 27 October 2005 17:34:
I am a Sunday School Teacher, and an incurable Bible Study Addict! \"The Word\" is by far the BEST freeware Bible Study Package available anywhere. I know that both my class and I will benefit greatly from this study tool. I was always taught in the Navy, \"You need to use the right tool, to do the job correctly!\" Your effort is making this possible for many students and teachers of the Bible. God Richly Bless You, and Thank You Again.


Kerry Gorham
Inverness, FL USA
Janice wrote on Saturday, 22 October 2005 23:16:
I am enjoying this \'study software\' so much. It is the best that I have ever used!
I add my own thoughts about the verse, then go looking on the web for other thoughts.
I really like being aable to copy material from other online commentaries, etc into the verse notes. It helps so much to be able to organize materials from various resources into one place.
I am learning so much!
May God Bless You!
Miles O\'Toole wrote on Saturday, 22 October 2005 15:37:
Super site  
Daniel Jones wrote on Saturday, 22 October 2005 14:08:
God bless please contact me  
benji Dover wrote on Thursday, 20 October 2005 12:31:
Thank you, glad i stopped by  
Dave wrote on Saturday, 08 October 2005 19:19:
This is fantastic software, the most effective I\'ve used (including Bibleworks, Logos, WordSearch, PC Study Bible, etc). This is the software I\'ve been hoping someone would write for a long time because it allows for an enormous amount of manipulation by the individual user. Font sizes, highlighting, notes, regular expression searching, and a whole host of other features make your software powerful and unique.

Perhaps the best part is the easy way to incorporate other versions. I\'ve got the NRSV working and the ESV on the way.

Thanks for writing this program.  
Jiorjos wrote on Saturday, 01 October 2005 13:44:
Geia sas

We thank God and you for this great work.

Greetings from Augsburg (Germany)


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Stay tuned!

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