Wilbur Pickering New Testament published (plus a new book)

Wilbur N. Pickering's translation of the New Testament, and his book In Defense of the Objective Authority of the Sacred Text are now freely available for theWord.

Wilbur Pickering New Testament  (WPNT) 

Both the translation and the notes are the responsibility of Wilbur N. Pickering, ThM PhD, being based on his edition of the Greek New Testament, according to the only significant line of transmission, both ancient and independent, that has a demonstrable archetypal form in all 27 books.

The Greek Text of which this is a translation, and articles explaining the preference, may be downloaded free from www.walkinhiscommandments.com.

The translation is quite similar to the NKJV, an excellent translation of a good Greek text. Since participial clauses are grammatically dependent, I tried to reflect that dependency. But I also tried to capture the atmosphere, while remaining faithful to the Text. The result may seem like a curious mixture of formal and idiomatic style. 


In Defense of the Objective Authority of the Sacred Text

Wilbur N. Pickering is a Christian missionary in Valparaiso, Brazil. He has a ThM and a PhD in Linguistics. Of those actively involved in textual criticism, no one holds a more radical view in defense of the inerrancy and objective authority of the Sacred Text. This includes the position that the precise original wording has been preserved to our day and that we can know what it is.

In Defense of the Objective Authority of the Sacred Text aims to show that we can know exactly the precise wording of the original text; that the precise wording of the Sacred Text has been preserved; that if it has been preserved, then it must be inspired; and if inspired, then it indeed has "Objective Authority" over those submitted to it by its Author.

You can download both modules freely from the Modules downloads section.


Sunday, 29 April 2012
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