theWord 5 is out!

theWord 5 is a major new release with more than 20 new features and more then 100 fixes.

The easiest way to upgrade your existing installation is from within the program, by going to the menu Help -> Check for newer version. You will be redirected to a page where you can download the upgrade.

Alternatively, you can download the Upgrade package here.


Most prominent new features are:

- Integrated module downloader: You can browse and install any module you want directly from within theWord without downloading the modules separately from the official site. The module downloader is very friendly to use and also takes care of installing newer versions and updates of modules automatically.

- Improved editor for notes: You may now add/edit tables directly from within the editor. Paragraph and list settings can now be set using appropriate dialogs. New 'Format painter' function added to copy/paste formatting from one block of text to another.

- Viewer/Reader margins can now be set for each Book view to make reading more comfortable

- Popup dialog that displays verse references can now be set to display the verses in more than one translation.

- 'Donate' dialog no longer programmed to automatically appear after 2 months of usage. theWord splash screen now displays the 'Not to be sold' phrase to make clearer that theWord is completely free.

- Improved support for Hybrid modules (Books that can also be linked to verses, thus behaving also like commentaries). They may now appear as 'commentary links' in Bible view

- Template support in 'Copy verses' dialog: One can now save all 'Copy verses' options as a template.

- 'Insert snippet' function in editor: common phrases can now be inserted (like current-date) with a click.

- Reading plan calendars start now with Sunday as first day, instead of Monday (actually the calendar view takes now into account the 'First day of the week' setting in Control's Panel regional settings)


Check out the complete list of changes here.

Sunday, 12 July 2015
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