Archaeology Illustrated, Old Testament
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PRODUCT HIGHLIGHTS: Set of 30 Old Testament illustrations accurately representing the world of the Bible
With the recent advances in biblical archaeology and in the study of the ancient Middle East it is now possible to provide a reasonably accurate visual representation of the world of the Bible. Based on painstaking research and a careful reading of the biblical text, the recreations of Biblical cities offered serve as a backdrop to many important events recorded in the Scriptures.

The images are a valuable resource for teaching or in ministry as they help to envision the distant world of the Old Testament and time of the Gospels. They are ideal for Power Point presentations or for personal study to enrich one’s understanding of the biblical narrative. There has never been a unique collection of images such as these available before!

Balage Balogh, artist, has worked with some of the world’s leading archaeologists and researchers to produce illustrations for books, museum exhibits and TV programs.

All illustration included in this module are 1200X800 pixels. Using the integrated Graphics viewer of theWord you can easily enlarge the illustration even more with no noticeable quality loss!

The collection of the 30 Old Testament illustrations include:

  • Araunah's Threshing Floor at Harvest Time, North of the City of David. 10th Century BC
  • Avaris in the Nile Delta, City of Jewish Slavery in Egypt, Looking North. 16th Century BC
  • Babylon at its Height in the 6th Century BC
  • Ishtar Gate in Babylon. Jewish Exiles Enter the City. 586 BC
  • Harbor of Byblos, Phoenicia in the 10th Century BC
  • Jerusalem (City of David) During Solomon's Reign, 10th Century BC
  • Governor Holding Court in the City Gate of Dan, Israel, 9th Century BC
  • Hatzor, Israel, in the 14th Century BC. View to the North
  • Four-Room House in Hatzor, 9th Century BC
  • Deported Jews in Nebuchadnezzar's Palace in Babylon, 586 BC
  • Yoshiyahu (Josiah) Rips His Clothes Upon Hearing the Long Lost Torah in 623 BC
  • Karnak Hypostyle Hall
  • King David on His Palace Balcony Looking South
  • Megiddo in the 9th Century BC
  • Mishkan (Tabernacle) in the Desert of Sinai
  • Nehemiah Directs the Rebuilding of Jerusalem's Walls After the Return From the Babylonian Exile. 443 BC
  • Ezra Making a Public Reading of the Torah in Jerusalem After Returning from the Babylonian Exile. 443 BC
  • Shechem in Jacob's Time. Middle Bronze Age
  • Shechem. The Covenant Ceremony Conducted by Joshua at the Temple of El-Brith
  • Samaria (Shomron), Capital of Israel, Looking West, 8th Century BC
  • Royal Citadel of Shomron (Samaria), Capital of Israel. 8th Century BC
  • Temple of Solomon, 960 BC
  • The High Priest entering the Holy of Holies in the Tabernacle on the Day of Yom Kippur
  • Daily Services at the Temple of Solomon in the First Temple Period
  • Typical Israelite Four-Room House in Iron Age Cities (1200-586 BC)
  • Tyre (Tzur) off the Phoenician Coast. 9th Century BC
  • Yericho in the Middle Bronze Age
  • Yericho's Gardens. Middle Bronze Age
  • Yericho's Earliest Occupants, 8000 BC
  • Ekron Olive Oil Presses 7th Century BC

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For more information, you can visit www.archaeologyillustrated.com

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