Auto update


theWord has a built-in mechanism which periodically checks if there is a newer version of the software available. By default such a check is made once a week. If you have a firewall installed on your computer you may get a warning that the software is trying to connect to the Internet: this is normal and you should accept the connection if you want to use this function.

The first time theWord will attempt to check for a newer version you will get a warning dialog to verify if you want this to happen.

During the auto-update procedure, no personal info of yours is sent over the internet and it is perfectly safe to allow this function to execute, if you find it useful. If you are unsure you can disable this function from the Preferences dialog (General tab, Auto-update options section).

TIP: It is possible that if you go at the official site you will see a newer version than the one you currently have, yet the auto-update feature will not inform you about this.

The reason is that theWord is regularly updated and it is often the case that new minor versions are being released that address specific obscure bugs or minor new features. In those cases, and in order to avoid being harassed  all the time with installing a newer version that you don't really need, these new version are not reported automatically.

Manually checking for newer versions

Under the Help menu there are the following two options:

1.Check for new version...: this option allows you to check if there is a new version manually. This option will work even if you have turned-off the Auto-update feature
2.Check for updates on modules and language files...: this option allows you to check whether there is an update to any of your installed official modules and language files. This menu will open the default browser window and will take you to the official site to check for newer versions. Information of all your currently installed modules and languages files (and their versions) is being sent in order to give you a list with only the ones that have been updated.
Please, remember that when you install a newer version of a Book module, any custom user highlighting you have made is lost/reset for this Book module. This does not apply for Bible modules, where all user highlighting is preserved when you install newer versions of a module.
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