Bible Modules

General Information

Bible Modules are the types of modules that contain the text of a Bible.  These modules, under the hood, are simply properly formatted text files.  Bible modules come in three types:

1..ont files - These are modules that contain both the Old and New Testament text.
2..ot files - These are modules that contain only the Old Testament text.
3..nt files - These are modules that contain only the New Testament text.

If a Bible module file is encrypted, then its extension will have an extra x at the end (e.g. .ontx, .otx, .ntx). A module may be encrypted either due to  copyright reasons or because of the author's request, or both.  Go here for more information about encrypted and/or non-free modules.

Bible modules' Bible text contains exactly 31,102 lines (for .ont files).  These are formatted using tags similar to, but not the same as, html.  They are custom tags read only by theWord.

The Bible View (see General Concepts) displays all .ont, .ot, or .nt files found in theWord's known folders.  Though many hundreds of Bible modules may be installed and used in theWord, the user has complete control over which modules are displayed in the Bible View(s).  See the Bible View section to learn more about displaying and hiding Bible modules.

About Info

From the Bible View, the user can find some general information about each displayed Bible module.  This is done by either right-clicking the Bible module's tab and selecting Info, or by clicking the Organize button to the left of all the Bible tabs, then clicking Info.

Bible View Organize Button (at left)

Bible View Organize Button (at left)

Once opened, the menu looks like this.

Bible Module Organization Menu

Bible Module Organization Menu

The About or Information dialog contains pertinent information about that specific Bible module, including the version number, unique official identifier (if applicable), and the path of the actual file on the disk.  See below.


Advanced Information

Advanced information for Bible modules, including specifications, all supported tags, etc., can be found at theWord's website here.

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