Bible Search View


The Bible Search View is the central location to perform both basic and advanced searches of any Bible text.

To quickly perform a search on a Bible just:

press F3
enter the word(s) you want to search for
press Enter

Like every other view, this View can be docked or floating according to your preference.  The color code for the View is green.  A new Bible Search View can be made by simply pressing the shortcut f10.  The Bible Search View is divided into three tabs: Fast tab, Detailed tab, and Options tab.  The following gives a general information about using the View.

Bible Search View

Bible Search View

When either of the Fast and Detailed tabs are selected at the bottom of the View, the search term input box and green Go button (red square 1 above) is available.  The search term input box is where you enter your search term to search the Bible. The green arrow begins the search. By default, the active Bible module is searched if you simply input a search term and press the arrow. You can select which Bible(s) you want to search by clicking on the arrow button (select_bibles_to_search_button) at the left of the input box.

For quick reference, you can place the cursor in this text box by pressing the keyboard shortcut f3.

TIP: When you hover your mouse over a verse reference, a popup with the verse text appears. If you don't want the popup to appear, you can move the mouse on the right or left area of the verse. The popup only appears when your mouse is above the actual text!

Selecting the Bible(s) to search

theWord can either search one or multiple Bibles at once. Clicking on the arrow button (select_bibles_to_search_button) at the left of the input box, the following menu appears that allows you to select which Bible(s) you want to search:


The available options are:

Current Bible: the current Bible of the active Bible view will be searched. If you have enabled the Is this what you are looking for? panel at the bottom, you will see which is the Bible that you are about to search.

Default Bible: this is the default Bible of theWord.

This Bible: a sub-menu with all available Bible modules will appear that allows you to select any single Bible to search.

Select the Bibles to search...:

All Bibles: This option brings up a dialog that allows you to select more than one Bibles to search. This is the same dialog used in the Compare View -> Bible Sets.

Previously saved set: a sub-menu with any previously saved Bible Sets is displayed that allows you to select a set of Bibles to search. See the Bible Sets topic on how to setup the sets.

"Is This What You Are Looking For?" panel

This panel appears at the bottom of the Search view (you can turn if off from Options tab). This area displays how exactly theWord understands the search terms you type. This provides a very useful feedback so that you know that what you have in mind is actually what theWord understands. For example, if you enter Jesus Christ in the input box, there are at least two different things that you may mean:

1."I want all verses that contain the word Jesus and the word Christ"
2."I want all verses that contain either of the words Jesus or Christ."

Of course, if you check the Detailed tab you will see that there is an option of how theWord should understand this by default, yet this panel makes this information available immediately as you type. Since the input query can be much more complex, this panel will help you make sure that what you mean to search is actually what theWord searches for.  Moreover, if you enter the terms incorrectly, you can see the problem in this area.

The text that appears in this panel depends also on the Ignore case and diacritics option (can be found on the Detailed tab). If this option is checked then the displayed text will be in lower case without any accents or diacritics: this gives you an idea of how theWord will perform the actual search.

Finally, notice that this panel show in red the module that will be searched (notice the "Search KJV for:" in the screenshots above).

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