Bible Sets

A Bible Set is just a predefined collection of Bibles with a given name. Bible Sets are used in two places:

1.In the Compare View, where you can choose which Bibles you want to display
2.In the Bible Search View, where you can choose which Bibles you want to search.

Bible Sets are common for both these operation and are defined from the same dialog:



This dialog can be accessed from two places:

1.From the Bible View, Compare button -> Select Bible texts for Compare View...
2.From the Bible Search View, Select Bibles to Search link or button (select_bibles_to_search_button) -> Select Bibles to Search...

The definition of Bible Sets is done from the Sets button. There are 3 submenus:

Load saved one: load a previously defined Bible set in the dialog
Save current: saves the current selection of Bibles as a new Bible Set (or overwrites a previous one)
Delete a set: deletes a previously saved Bible Set

TIP: Remember that Bible Sets are global! They are used for both viewing and searching multiple Bibles.


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