Bible Tree


The Bible Tree is a view that provides an additional way to navigate through the Bible.  The contents of the Bible are presented in a tree view so that you expand or collapse the tree to see the various chapters, verses, etc.  You may access the Bible Tree in three ways:

1.Show/Hide Bible Tree icon on the View Options toolbar.


2.Keyboard shortcut f8.
3.Main menu: View -> Bible tree.

Using the Bible Tree

Bible Tree

Bible Tree

As you can see, the Bible Tree presents all the books of the Bible, their chapters and verses in a tree view.  You may hover over any verse and see its text in a tool tip.  Also, you may click on a book name, chapter number, or verse number and the active Bible View will jump to that book, chapter, or verse, respectively.

The first icon in the toolbar reloads the tree.  It will collapse all nodes and reset the tree to a completely collapsed state.

The second icon synchronizes the Bible Tree with active verse in the Bible View.  It will not change the verse in the Bible View; it will change the Bible Tree to match the active verse in the Bible View.

The final icon in the toolbar shows the Bible Tree Options. The Bible Tree has several options, as shown below:

Bible Tree Options

Bible Tree Options

Book names allows you to cause the Bible Tree to show full book names or abbreviated ones.  For example, Genesis or Gen.

Show icons determines if the book, paper, and square icons are displayed next to the book, chapter, and verses, respectively.

Book numbering refers to number the books of the Bible in the Bible Tree.  For example, 1. Genesis, 2. Exodus, etc.  If Active is checked, the numbers are displayed.  You may customize the way the numbering is displayed in the Format menu selection. %d represents the digit and %s represents the book name.  You may also restore the default numbering format via the last selection.

TIP: if you right-click on a Book node, you will get a popup menu with all the chapters of this book. If you right-click on a chapter node you will get a popup menu with all the verses of this chapter. This is an alternative way to use the Bible tree!

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