Book Modules

General Information

Book modules are also called non-Bible modules/resources.  Any resource that is not a Bible can be used in a book format.  Book modules are, under the hood, simple database files (the sqlite3 database format is used).  Book modules are somewhat more complex than Bible modules files.  All Book modules are basically the same kind of file (e.q. sqlite3 databases).  However, depending on the specific use of the module, the formatting changes some.  Specifically, there are six different kinds of Book modules.

Dictionary modules
Commentary modules
General Book modules
Map modules
Devotional Modules
Reading Plan modules

In reality, these modules are very similar in structure. This is especially true of dictionary, general book, devotional and map modules. The difference in the names is primarily for organizational purposes. Further, all Book modules have a file extension of .twm. There is an extension prefix of .dct, .cmt, .gbk,, .map, .dev or .rdp respectively to help organize the modules. Book modules fully support rich text editing and displaying, rich hyper linking capabilities, drag-n-drop for topics, and the use of tables and images. See Creating a User Module for more information.

The distinction between User and non-User modules is that User modules can be edited. In fact, for non-encrypted modules, you can change this attribute in any existing module from the Module Properties dialog.

Module Properties

The Book View, in a similar way to the Bible View, displays all installed non-Bible resources. Also similar to the Bible View, several module properties can be displayed and edited for each module. This is done by pressing the Define Module Sets icon on the Book View:

Module Sets Icon (at left)

Module Sets Icon (at left)

From there, the menu appears, select Module Properties...

Module Sets Menu

Module Sets Menu

You will see the Module Properties Dialog.  This dialog gives much information about the module itself, many actions that can be performed on the module, and displays Information about the module (About tab). For more information, see the section on creating user modules.

Book Module Properties Dialog

Book Module Properties Dialog

For Reading Plans, there is a different page in this dialog as follows:


Advanced Information

For users interested in advanced information regarding Book modules, please refer to the Book module specification documentation found on theWord website here.

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