Bookmarks provide a simple way to keep verses of Scripture readily available to switch back and forth between them.  The bookmarks toolbar can be toggled via the main menu: View -> Toolbars -> Bookmarks.  Just as any toolbar it can be moved anywhere, be made to float, and positioned horizontally or vertically.


Bookmarks Toolbar

Bookmarks Toolbar

You may have a maximum of ten bookmarked verses.

The clip0003will add the active verse in the Bible View to next number in the index.
The clip0004will add the active verse in the Bible View to the index number that you specify.
The clip0005 will delete all bookmarks. You may also delete a bookmark by right-clicking on the number/button and selecting the appropriate menu option.
The clip0006allows you to view a bookmark of your choice.
If you click on any number at right (1-0), the active Bible View will jump to the verse for that bookmark.
If you hover over any number at right (1-0), a tool tip will display with the verse reference that this bookmark refers to.

Using keyboard shortcuts

To define a bookmark press CTRL+SHIFT+<digit>, where digit is between 0 and 9.
To jump to a previously defined bookmark press CTRL+<digit>.
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