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Bookmarks can be added to arbitrary positions in the content of any non-user module.

To add a bookmark, place your cursor in the Book view editor at the location you want and press CTRL+R or right-click and select Insert bookmark... from the popup menu.



The name of the bookmarks is the one used to refer to it. The Subject is not used at the moment. A default name for the bookmark is automatically set when you display the dialog (bkm1, bkm2, ...). Just click insert to complete it.

Bookmarks are indicated in the text with a small gray dot (see red rectangle below).

Bookmark indicator<br>

Bookmark indicator

To edit an existing bookmark, just place the cursor just before the letter it appears and press CTRL+R or right-click and select Edit bookmark... from the popup menu (you will notice that the menu item changes from Insert to Edit). To delete it just press the Delete button.

Seeing all bookmarks defined in a topic

To see all defined bookmarks in a topic, display the Bookmarks dialog and click on the All bookmarks tab:

Display all bookmarks

Display all bookmarks

To jump to a bookmark double click on it with the mouse, or select it (single click) and click Goto.... From this dialog you can also delete some (selected) or all bookmarks of a topic.

How are bookmarks useful for popups and footnotes

The usefulness of bookmarks comes from the ability to define Hyperlinks and use them as anchor points. This allows you, for example, to:

Use them to define footnotes on the topic level
Use them to force parts of a topic to appear in a popup when the user hovers his mouse over a link.
Create links that drive you to a specific point you in a topic

Please, read the Hyper linking topic for details.


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