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The Clipboard Monitor is a tool in theWord that parses all text in the Windows clipboard in search of Scriptures references.  When a reference is found, theWord displays a window on the screen that gives the references and the texts of those references.  This is especially useful while reading on the computer.  You simply have select and copy a portion of text, and theWord displays all the references and texts so you don't have to turn to each one.  Once the Clipboard Monitor window is open, you may also perform additional actions on the parsed references.

theWord's Clipboard monitor is also multi-lingual.  It will seek to detect references written in languages other than English (depending on the current language you use and installed languages).  Further, it also recognizes abbreviations and chapter/verse notations for other languages also.

Clipboard Monitor Window

Clipboard Monitor Window

Clipboard Monitor Window

The window that you see above is the window that displays the verse references and texts for the parsed references.  This window may be resized to suit your desire.

At the top-most left is the translation used in the Clipboard Monitor window.

Preferences... will display the Clipboard Monitor options dialog.  See section below.

The two small arrows enable you to navigate up and down through the verse if you have overflow.


The Show parsed verses list icon displays all the references that are being displayed in the Clipboard Monitor window.  You can jump to a particular verse in the Clipboard Monitor window by clicking the reference in this list.


Show Parsed Verses List Menu

Show Parsed Verses List Menu

The next icon will add all the references in the Clipboard Monitor window to the current verse list in the Bible View.


You may also increase and decrease the font size for easier viewing.  Also, the close button is at the far right.

Verse Title Bars

The verse title bars display additional information for that reference entry.  It also allows you to perform various actions on the verses on an individual level.

Verse Title Bar

Verse Title Bar

At the far left is that reference that is displayed below the title bar.

In gray and inside parentheses is the text in the clipboard that was recognized and parsed as the verse reference displayed.

Copy copies the verse to the Windows clipboard.  theWord uses the settings already saved in the Copy Verses Dialog to copy these verses.

Go causes the Bible View to jump to this verse.

To List sends only this verse to the active verse list in the Bible View.  This performs the same action as is mentioned above, only on an individual verse level.

Changing the verses with the mouse

Hovering your mouse over a verse reference highlights it in yellow:


At the same time, the header displays the message Mouse wheel scroll to offset. If at this point you scroll the wheel of the mouse, you will be able to offset the verse displayed by one verse up or down. This feature allows you to read quickly the context of the verse. In case of a verse range, the whole range is moved up/down a verse.

Clipboard Monitor Options

The Clipboard Monitor options allows you to customize the behavior of the Clipboard Monitor.  It can be accessed in two ways:

1.Main menu - File -> Preferences -> Clipboard monitoring tab.
2.Preferences button in the Clipboard Monitor window (see above).


Clipboard monitor options

Clipboard monitor options

Maximum clipboard text size (KB): determines the amount of text that theWord will parse if the clipboard contains a lot of text.  theWord will begin at the top and parse until it reaches this data limit.

Bible text: allows you to customize the translation that is displayed in the Clipboard Monitor window.

Clipboard windows placement: determines where the Clipboard Monitor window displays when the clipboard is parsed.

Auto close clipboard monitor window after n seconds determines how long before the Clipboard Monitor window closes after it is displayed.  If this option is unchecked, you will have to manually close the window.

The child option allows you to cancel the auto close of the window if you mouse hovers over the window.

Auto close window on mouse movement will close the Clipboard Monitor window when the mouse is moved if the option is checked.

Disable clipboard monitoring: With this option checked, the Clipboard Monitor will not display its window when new text is found in the Windows clipboard.

Disable temporarily clipboard monitoring for content copied from within theWord (revert behavior with SHIFT): Check this option so that when copying content from within theWord (e.g. from a Book view, Bible view, etc.), the Clipboard Monitoring is temporarily disabled. You can revert this behavior by holding down the SHIFT key while copying content.

Using the clipboard monitor to insert verse text in other application

You can use the keyboard shortcut CTRL+SHIFT+V as a global hot key to force the Clipboard monitor to paste back to the clipboard the text of the verse it has recognized.  This function is very useful because it allows you to insert verse text from theWord to any other application without switching to theWord (the Register CTRL+SHIFT+V global hot key to paste back to clipboard verse text option in the Preferences must be checked).

To better understand how this works do the following:

1.Make sure theWord is running (you can minimize it to the task bar)
2.Open an editor (e.g. MS Word, Open office, Notepad, etc) and write a verse reference (e.g. John 3:16).
3.Select the verse reference in the editor and copy it to the clipboard (e.g. using CTRL+C from within the program you use). The Clipboard monitor window will appear.
4.Without switching to theWord, press CTRL+SHIFT+V on your keyboard: you will see that the actual text of the verse will be inserted in your editor.

TIP: A previous version of theWord used the CTRL+ALT+V combination for this function: depending on your version you may need to use this shortcut instead.

You may also override this key combination by editing directly the config.ini file.


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