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The Compare View is a "sub-view" of the Bible View that allows you to view multiple Bibles at the same time in a parallel format (hence, also called Parallel View).  The Compare View tab is found at the right of the Bible module tabs in the Bible View tab bar.

There are number of options for the Compare View in the Bible View Options.  Please reference Bible View Options for the options (some of which are redundant) found there.

Compare View Explanation

Compare View can be displayed in two different ways: columns and rows.

Compare View in Columns

Compare View in Columns

Compare View in Rows

Compare View in Rows

TIP: Each type of Compare View(in rows and in columns) has its own set Bibles to display. Remember this when you select the Bible modules to view.

By clicking the small arrow to the right of the Compare tab, a small menu will show toggles and further options for the Compare View.

Compare View Options

Compare View Options

Obviously, the first two options toggle which type of Compare View you want to use.  They can also be toggled via the keyboard shortcuts ctrl+h (columns) and ctrl+j (rows).  Further, when the Compare View is activated, these same three options also appear in the Viewer Icons to the left of the Bible View.

Bible Sets

You may create predefined sets of Bibles with a given name and use these sets by clicking on the set name (e.g. English Bibles, Original Languages, etc).

Selecting Bible Texts for Compare View

The Bible texts selection dialog can be accessed via the Compare View Options Menu.  This dialog is used to select the Bibles you want to view for each type of comparison separately.  There is no limit to the number of Bibles you can compare.  The only limit is your screen size.

Compare View Bible Selection Dialog

Compare View Bible Selection Dialog

First of all, notice there is a separate dialog for column and row types of compare view.  This is shown both in the icon (squared in red) and text of the dialog. This can be overridden by the check box at the top of the dialog. This will use the same options for both column and row Compare View.

You can also reorder, sort, check all, or check none of the Bibles using the icons at the right.

Once finished making your selections and order your Bibles for the Compare View, you might either press the check icon at right to save the configuration, or just click outside the dialog to make it disappear.

The Show descriptions checkbox at the bottom toggles the descriptions from the list.

From this dialog you can also define Bible Sets which can be reused for selecting Bibles to display or for selecting Bibles to search.

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