Daily Readings


theWord provides a centralized way to follow your daily readings through the Daily Readings dialog:


You may access this dialog either from:

the menu Tools -> Daily Readings
the clip0073 button from the main toolbar

Moreover, this dialog will automatically appear whenever you start theWord based on the Startup options (see below).

How does the Daily Reading dialog work?

The Daily Readings dialog groups in a single place all your readings of the day. The readings include:

1.Your Bible Reading Plans, for which a reading session exists for today
2.Your Bible Reading Plan which are not calendar based
3.The Devotional Books that you have installed

Two icons are used to notify you of the completion status of each reading:

clip0074 means that the reading has not yet been completed
clip0075means the the reading is completed

TIP: For each reading plan, the actual verse passages appear on the right of each link!

If you click on the link that corresponds to the reading plan, then a Book view with your plan will appear. If you click on a verse passage, you can start reading directly in your Bible view.

You can use this dialog to perform all your daily readings!

The easiest way to track your daily readings is through this dialog. You can click on the individual links on this dialog to jump directly to the appropriate readings.

This dialog will remain open while you perform your readings and may go behind the main theWord window. Moreover, you can minimize this dialog to the Windows taskbar as it has its own taskbar button.

To complete a reading you need to:

for a reading plan with a calendar, you need to select the Done link or the completed check box (read here)
for a reading plan without a calendar, you need to mark at least one session as completed
for a devotional book, you just need to click on the link in this dialog

Other Dialog Options

You can choose which devotional books you wish to read/follow each day by clicking on the Choose Devotionals to read daily link. The Choose Devotionals dialog appears where you can select the devotionals that you want to read on a daily basis. Alternatively, you can check whether you want a specific devotional to be considered in your daily readings, by right-clicking on the module tab in the book view and selecting the Follow devotional readings on a daily basis menu.

The Show unread only option at the bottom toggles whether you want this dialog to display all your daily readings, or your unread ones only.

The Create a new Bible Reading Plan link opens the New Bible Reading Plan dialog.


Startup options

This dialog is designed to automatically popup whenever you start theWord based on your settings. Clicking the Startup Option buttons, the following dialog appears:


From this dialog you can customize the way the Daily Readings dialog appears (or not) when you start theWord. Most options are self-explanatory.

The Consider a single reading per day for plans with no calendar option means that theWord will track the readings for each reading plan without a calendar and once you complete a session for a particular day, it will consider that the daily reading for this plan has been completed. Remember that for reading plans without a calendar, there are only sessions that are not connected with dates.


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manual version: 4.0.1327