Fast Tab


The Fast tab in the Bible Search View is the quickest way to do a search in theWord.  This tab is the tab that shows the search results of your query.  If you are in another tab and perform a search, the View automatically switches to the Fast tab to display the results.

Search Results

Additionally, you may place the mouse over any search result reference and a tool tip with the entire verse text will be displayed.  This makes it very easy to sort through search results quickly.  Also, clicking on a reference will cause the Bible View to jump to that verse.

The search results are organized in a kind of table or chart.  At the left is the verse reference, grouped below each Bible that was searched. The following features are available:

The Count column gives the number of matches for each book, and the percentage of all the matches that this particular book has.
The Graph provides a visual for the percentage information.
Clicking on a column will sort the results accordingly.
Hover your mouse over a line that represents a book to get short match statistics
Multi selection is allowed on nodes of the same level (e.g. you can select either multiple books or multiple verses or multiple translations): right clicking on selected node(s) provides access to a set of features (copying verses, moving to list, etc)

Explanation of the Fast Tab

clip0038 Just below the search input box are several icons for use in the Fast tab.  The first is the History icon.  When pressed, this icon shows the most recent searches made.  It not only remembers the search terms, but also the translation searched.  So, pressing a history entry will automatically perform the exact same search as was previously performed for that entry.  The number of entries for the history can be changed in the Options tab.

clip0039 Next is the Expand icon.  This icon will expand all nodes of the search results.  Normally search results are displayed in a tree view in which the nodes are collapsed.  With this pressed, all the nodes are expanded so all verse reference results can be seen.

Bible_search_view_fast_text_icon The Text icon is next in the bar.  This icon simply causes the verse text to appear to the right of the results.

Search Results

Search Results


The Options icon provides several options, including zooming to make the text in the View larger, duplicating the View, clearing search results, and the Virtual Keyboard.  You can find more information about the Virtual Keyboard in the Detailed tab.

Right-click context menu

The following menu appears when you right-click on one or more selected nodes:

Bible Search View context menu

Bible Search View context menu


The following commands are available:

Select all: selects all nodes on the tree: if the currently selected node is a book node, then all book nodes will be selected. If the currently selected node is a verse node, then all verse nodes will be selected (same for translation nodes).
Copy all [n] verses from book of [xxx] appears when right-clicking on a book node and allows you to copy all matched verses of a single book
Copy all [n] from the [n] selected books appears when you have selected multiple nodes (the numbers in square brackets indicate the total number of verses that will be copied, according to your selection)
Add all [n] verse(s) from book of [xxx] to list and Add all [n] verse(s) from the [y] selected books to list work in a similar way as the above mentioned Copy all ... commands, except that they transfer the verses to the active verse list.
Paste all [n] verse(s) from book of [xxx] to editor and Paste all [n] verses from the [n] selected books to editor work in a similar way as the above mentioned Copy all ... commands, except that they transfer the verses to the selected Book view editor (at least one Book view with a user module is necessary, else these commands are disabled).
Clear clears the results
Close this view closes the current Bible search view (you can also press ESC to close this, or any other view).

TIP: The format of the copied verses (e.g. whether a book name is included, chapter number, etc) depends on the settings of the Copy Verses dialog. Actually, the last options you have used in this dialog are used when copying verses from here. So, if you need a particular format (e.g. chapter:verse after the text), go the Copy Verses dialog, select it and click on Copy and Close. From then on, the format of the verses copied here will match it.

An alternative is to hold down the CTRL key while you perform the copy: in that case the Copy Verses dialog will open and you will be able to select a custom format.

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manual version: 4.0.1327