Graphics Viewer


theWord includes an integrated graphics/image viewer that can display images embedded in modules. To open the graphics viewer you may:

double click on an image
right-click on an image and select Image -> Display in Graphics Viewer
Click on the Image button () that appears when you hover your mouse over an image and select Display in Graphics Viewer


Graphics Viewer window<br>

Graphics Viewer window

Unlike the other views, the Graphics Viewer is an independent window, with a different button on the Windows taskbar to control it (this means you can minimize it separately from the rest of the program). It supports zooming, panning, smooth resizing and image navigation among all images of the current module.

The bottom area of the Graphics viewer displays the current module and current topic to which this image belongs to. In the parenthesis there is the index of the image within the topic (notice the #1 above). This index increases only if there are more than one images within a topic.

On the top-left area of the viewer a thumbnail of the image appears if the image cannot fit the viewer window. When you move your mouse over the thumbnail, a red rectangle appears which you can drag around in order to move the actual image within the window. You may also drag the image with your mouse for panning.

Graphics Viewer toolbar

The Graphics viewer toolbar appears at the top of the Graphics Viewer window. The following functions are available:

clip0012clip0013Moves to the next/previous image of the current module. This function scans sequentially the module starting for the current topic and current image until it finds the next/previous image and displays it. If a topic has more than one images, this function will navigate to the next previous image within the same topic. If there are topics with no images they will be skipped, until the next topic that contains an image is found.


clip0014clip0015Zooms in/out the image. You can also perform a quick zoom in/out by holding down the CTRL key and scrolling the mouse wheel.


clip0016clip0017clip0018clip0019clip0023These buttons specify how the image is fitted in the viewer; First one is for Actual view (e.g. no zoom in/out), second is to fit the image to the viewer window width, third is to fit the image to the viewer window height, fourth is to fit the image in both the width and height of the viewer window. The Zoom percentage drop down allows arbitrary zooming to be set.


clip0021Decides whether the viewer thumbnail is visible or not. Clicking on it toggles the visibility of the thumbnail. Clicking on the small black down-arrow brings up a menu that allows you to control the thumbnail size and it's transparency level.



The Options button allows you to set the following:

Image resize quality/speed: controls how images are resized: you may experiment with the settings here to see how your computer handles the resizing. In general, modern computer can handle quite fast even the Excellent quality setting.
Pattern background decides whether the background of the image will be white or a pattern black-gray checker-like background. This setting is important if you have transparent images: you may need to adjust if you cannot see through very well.
Always on top causes the Graphics viewer window to always stay on top of the main window, even when it gets de-activated.

clip0020Closes the Graphics Viewer window. You can also close the windows by pressing the ESC key.


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manual version: 4.0.1327