How word lookups are performed?

Word lookup refers to the function where theWord looks through the topics of all Dictionary and Book modules (referred below as Books) and tries to locate the ones that match a particular word.

Word lookups are very frequent in theWord and are executed in the following two major cases:

1.When you click on a word in the Bible view, a word lookup is performed to decide which Books contain a topic for this word - the result is the changing of appearance of the tabs of the Book view (see View synchronization). Similar case is when you right-click on a word in the Bible view and select the Lookup menu (submenu's are populated with all matching topics of all Books)
2.When you right-click on a word in the Bible view (Lookup menu)
3.When you right-click on a word in the Book view (either in the Topics List or in the viewer itself) and select the Lookup menu.

Word lookups are performed in order to synchronize the different Bible and Book views and to provide visual feedback on the Book view tab bar. Read the View synchronization topic for more information.

There is a single option that modifies the way that lookups are performed: this can be found under the Book view options menu and is named Fuzzy matching for topics. When this option is checked, then theWord tries to perform a more clever word match in order to match words with different endings. The accuracy of the result may differ heavily based on the language of the word being looked up and the grammar rules of this language concerning word-endings.

In general:

when lookups are initiated from a Bible view, then the Fuzzy logic is always used
when lookups are initiated from a Book view, then the Fuzzy logic is used only if the current Book view has this option set.

How the lookup is performed

Each topic of each Book is broken up in individual words. Each word is then compared (using the Fuzzy logic if appropriate) with the lookup word. If there is a match for any of the words that comprise the topic, then a match is assumed. If there is a topic that exactly matches the word being looked up (e.g. a topic that consists of a single word), then this topic gets priority in the match list.

The result of a word lookup is usually a single topic (or no topic, if no match is found): this single topic (which is chosen according to the above rule and given priority) is used when this matched topic is to be used (e.g. when changing tabs in the Book view or when displaying a topic in a Book view when clicking a word in the Bible view).




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