A Layout is just a specific arrangement of views, and their settings. Think of it as a snapshot of what you see at any particular moment.

theWord comes with a predefined set of layouts that you can access from the menu View->Layout->Predefined Layouts or from the layout icon (clip0028) that can be found on View options toolbar.

Predefined layouts

To access one of the predefined layouts use the View menu.


TIP: If you find the look of theWord overwhelming or complicated in any way, try to choose one of the predefined layouts at the top of this list! Choose the Beginner or Novice layout and you will get immediately a clean and straight-forward interface concentrated on the Bible.

Save and restore your own layouts

You can use the same menu to Save, Rename and Delete a layout.


To save a new layout you can just click on:

as: 'User layout n' (n=1, 2, ...) to save the current layout with this name, or
enter a more descriptive name in the or as input box and press enter, or
click on one of the previously saved layouts to overwrite/update it.

Recalling/applying a layout

To recall/apply a layout you just simply click on it's name from the menu:


The last layout you applied is indicated in bold in the menu (check the red rectangle in the above image).

TIP You can save any changes you have made to the last user layout by pressing CTRL+ALT+S. You will get a confirmation message first. Notice that this will only work if you have already chosen a user layout to display in the first place.

What is saved within the context of a layout?

A layout saves all the views and their individual settings. This includes:

for Bible views, the current verse, current modules, selected Bibles in compare view, colors, etc
for Book views the current topic, module, module set, etc
for Search views the search phrase, options, etc

Notice that global settings (such as the main window position and size, Global Preferences under the File->Preferences dialog, etc) are not included in a layout.

Where are the layouts saved?

User layouts (the ones you create) are saved in the file my.lyts.twm which can be found in the Personal files folder location. Predefined layouts are stored in the file default.layouts.twm under the Misc folder. Read more on files and locations.


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