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The List View provides you with a central place to maintain verse lists to quickly reference and manipulate.  The List View maintains any number of separate named lists for you.  For instance, you could have a list for "The Prayers of the Lord Jesus" and another called "The Foolish Man" with verses that reference each. The List View also supports verse ranges.  The List View tab appears in the Bible View Tab Bar to the immediate right of the Compare View tab.

Tip: The List View allows you to add verses from various installed Bibles in theWord.  By default, the Default Bible is used.  You can however add verses from other versions.  This is done by adding the verse from the right-click menu of the Bible View.

List View

List View

Creating and Editing Verse Lists

To create a new list, press the new list icon at left.  From there, you can press the add to verse list icon, type or select your verse or range.  The verses should appear in the list.  Once finished adding verses, you must press save to save your verse list!  A list name dialog will appear where you can type the name of your desired list.

To edit an existing verse list, select the verse list from the drop down box containing all verse lists.  Once opened, you can add verses just as stated in the above. Don't forget to press save.

You can rename your verse list via the rename verse list icon.  You will be prompted to change the name of the list.

Verse lists can be deleted via the delete verse lists icon at left.  This will delete the active verse list.

Miscellaneous Options

The Contents icon (also shortcut ctrl+w) will display all of the users saved verse lists.

You can view your verses in 1 column up to 9 columns.  This is done through the columns icon.  Simply select the number of columns you desire.

You can copy your verses in four ways:

Copy selection: copy the selected text
Copy content of list as is: copy the list with references and text
Copy only verse references: copy the list with only references
Copy all (hold CTRL for 'Copy Verses' dialog): use the Copy Verses dialog to customize the way verses will be copied
Create a copy of this list with a new name...: copy the list as a different list name
Copy Verse List Menu

Copy Verse List Menu

Other Ways to Add New Verses to a List

There are other ways to intuitively add verses to the current verse list:

Via the context (right-click) menu in the Bible View
Via the context menu in the Bible Search View search results
By drag-n-drop verse lists from the Bible search View or the Bible Tree view.
Via the Clipboard Monitor tool tip box
Via the keyboard shortcut ctrl+l
Via the context menu in the Book view (right-clicking on a link)
Add to Verse List from Bible View

Add to Verse List from Bible View

Add to Verse List from Bible Search View

Add to Verse List from Bible Search View

Add to Verse List from Clipboard Monitor

Add to Verse List from Clipboard Monitor

Right-clicking on a verse in the Book view

Right-clicking on a verse in the Book view

Actions for Current Verses in a Verse List

Once a verse or range is in a list, the context menu for that verse provides some helpful actions to perform from that verse.

Verse List Context Menu

Verse List Context Menu

View Bible text takes you to that verse in the translation you select in the Bible View.

Move changes the order in which the verses appear in the verse list.

Set passage until... changes the range of that entry in the verse list.

Offset passage: moves the entire passage one verse up/down (e.g. Gen 1:2-4 becomes Gen 1:3-5 or Gen 1:1-3)

Change translation for this verse changes the translation that is displayed for only that verse in the list

Sort the list sorts the verse list canonically or reverse-canonically.

TIP: There are some very useful keyboard-mouse combinations that allow you to edit verse lists very quickly:

- CTRL+SHIFT+Mouse wheel: this allows you to quickly add/remove continuous verses from a passage.

- SHIFT+Mouse wheel up/down: this allows you to quickly move a verse/passage of the list up/down relative to other verses.

TIP: If you hold down the SHIFT button and you click on a verse link, the view will automatically jump to the Bible view.


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