Options Tab


The Options tab of the Bible Search View allows you to customize the way that the Bible Search View behaves.

Bible Search View Options tab

Bible Search View Options tab

Auto expand/collapse tree nodes on results will expand all nodes when you click a top-level node, such as the node for a book.

Show verses as tool tips on results tree will make a tool tip appear when the mouse is hovered over the search results' verse references.

No tool tips in results if verse text is visible will make a tool tip not appear if the verse's text is already visible with the Show verse text next to the verse reference option is selected in the Fast tab.

Short book names in results will abbreviate the Bible book names.

Copy all verses from ranges, not only the first one will copy all results to the clipboard from a range when the NEAR operator is used.  For instance, if using the NEARv operator, you have a result that says "Mark 10:4-7".  With this options selected, when you copy this result to the clipboard, the entire range will be copied, not just the first verse of the range (default).

Synchronize verses' text and tool tips with Bible View will cause both the tool tips and the verse text in the results list (if displayed) to show the active translation, not the default translation.

Jump to Searched Bible when clicking on a verse will cause the Bible View to jump to the verse in the translation that you searched when you click on a result.  With this uncheck, the Bible View will jump to the verse, but in the active translation.

Show the 'Is this what you are looking for?' box will toggle the display of this area in the Detailed and Fast tabs.  See Detailed tab. This panel is automatically hidden when you search (and it's not needed). The Keep it visible all the time option will make sure that the panel is always there.

Always auto resize font of search input box will cause the font size of the input box to be larger. If you uncheck this option, the font size will only grow when you search Greek and Hebrew and use non-standard fonts.

Default range allows you to change the default number of adjacent verses/words to search when using the NEARv or NEARw operators respectively.

"NEAR" operator applies by default to: determines the default NEAR operators used (either NEARv or NEARw) when simply "NEAR" is used in the search.  See the "Is this what you are looking for?" area to be sure.

Search History Options

Separate history for this window will cause the current Bible Search View to save its own history, separate from other Bible Search Views.

Delete history on exit will delete the search history when you exit theWord.

Maximum history items determines the number of history items that are available in the history.  Minimum is 3; maximum is 99.

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