theWord uses popup windows to display relevant content when you move your mouse over a link or other 'content sensitive' areas:


In the above screenshots you can see:

1.A popup over a Strong number in the Bible view which displays the content of the Strong entry
2.A popup over a verse reference (Job 38:4)
3.An active popup and the popup context menu

The popups in theWord are displayed with a small delay so they don't clutter the screen if you just want to move your mouse over sensitive content. When a popup appear, you can just move your mouse in order to hide it.

To activate the popup you need to hold down the SHIFT key and move your mouse over the popup: in that case, the popup changes colors to show that it is activated. Activating a popup allows you to perform several functions! Alternatively, you can hold down the Right mouse button and move the mouse over the popup to activate it.

Changing the popup width

The width of the popup is fixed and it's height is increased/decreased to accommodate the content that needs to be displayed. If the content will not fit on the screen, a scroll bar appears: in order to scroll the content in the popup you will need to activate it (e.g. hold down the SHIFT key) and move your mouse over the popup.

To change the width of the popup, activate it and then drag it from it's edges to resize it. theWord will remember the width you set so it will be used from then on (remember the height varies depending on the content).

Links in the popup

You can click the links in the popup (if you move your mouse over them), as you can do with any other links in theWord: in that case, a Bible or Book view will be used to display the content that the links refers to. Notice that no second popup will be used to display the content of the links in a popup (there can be only one popup visible at any time - no popup-in-popup is supported).

Popup context menu - Default font size

Right-clicking on the content area of the popup will display the context popup. The functions are self-descriptive.

Notice that if you zoom in/out (either using the menu or the CTRL+MOUSE WHEEL move), theWord will remember the setting and will use it from then on.

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manual version: 4.0.1327