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The Bible View tab bar is the area in the Bible View directly above the Bible text.  This tab bar contains all or a portion of the Bible modules installed on your computer and tabs for the Compare and List Views as well.  The Bible modules that are displayed can be organized and displayed in a variety of ways according to your preference.  This is done via the Show/Hide, reorder Bible Texts Dialog.

Bible View Tab Bar

Bible View Tab Bar

The Show/Hide, reorder Bible Texts Dialog is found by pressing the Organize icon at the extreme left of the Bible View tab bar.  It can also be found in the Main Menu: File -> Preferences -> Bible texts tab.

Organize Icon

Organize Icon

The Dialog

Show/Hide Bible Texts Dialog

Show/Hide Bible Texts Dialog

Through this dialog, you have full control over which Bible modules appear in the tab bar in the Bible View.  You are presented with basically a table.  All columns in this table are editable, except the Description column. Clicking on the title of a column will sort the table accordingly.

TIP: All the options in this dialog are global, and apply to all Bible views of the program. Unlike the option in Bible view options dialog, these options will affect all Bible views. For example, un-checking the 'Visible' box in this list will make this Bible module unavailable within the whole program.

The Visible column alters whether that particular module is visible in the Bible View tab bar.

The Title column allows you to change the abbreviation used in the tab bar for that Bible.  This can also be done via the Bible View Menu.

The Font column allows the user to customize which font that particular module uses to display its text.  This is important for all modules, especially for modules that require special fonts.  If you have multiple special fonts for a particular language installed, you can change which font is used for that text.  If no font is selected, theWord will use the default Bible View font as found in the Bible View Options. Usually, modules that require special fonts are shipped with them and these fonts are automatically selected.

The Size column changes the size of that font, relative to the font size setting in the module itself. This is very useful in case the font you choose is smaller than the default fonts (this is usually the case for Greek and Hebrew fonts).

Save order of texts will save the order that the modules appear in this dialog so that they appear in that same order in the tab bar. Notice that if you don't check this option, then changing the order of the texts will have no result. This is useful in order to avoid destroying the order of the texts if you just want to click on a column header to sort the table for easier viewing/editing.

Set as default will set the selected Bible as the default Bible.  See Bible View for more information about the default Bible.

The four icons at the right can change the order of the texts, check all modules, and check no modules, respectively.

TIP: At times, it appears that the order of the Bible texts you have chosen here is not used in the Bible view tab bar. The reason is that there is an option that brings the most-used Bible tabs in front so they are visible at all times. This option can be found under the Bible view menu under Tab options->When tabs in a single row->Move used items in front. You may uncheck this option if you find this behavior distracting.


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