Welcome to theWord



Welcome to theWord® Bible Software!

theWord is a free, high quality Bible software! I hope that it will prove to be a valuable tool as you study the Word of God!

theWord is simple enough for the novice user, yet is very powerful and allows you to do things you would not have expected to see in a free software. This manual will help you discover the features of the software and how you can better use it to enhance your Bible study.

This manual is available as a PDF file, HTML Help file (.chm) and online.


Before you start

1.theWord provides very useful tips when you hover your mouse over a button, menu item or other control. Unlike other programs, the tool-tips in theWord have been designed to give you real help and explain in detail what each function does!
2.theWord can be simple as well as complex! In case you are overwhelmed when it first starts, do the following: Go to the main menu View -> Layout -> Predefined Layouts and choose Beginner, or Novice. This will automatically switch everything to a much simpler layout.


Welcome Screen/Quick Startup Guide

The first time you run theWord, the following Welcome Screen appears:


The same screen is also available from the Help -> Welcome Screen/Quick Startup Guide... menu.

You may move your mouse over one of the three pre-created Beginner, Basic, Default tabs to see a preview of three predefined Layouts that you can initialize theWord with. A short description is available on the right part of the Welcome Screen to help you choose a startup layout that better suits your needs.

It is suggested to go through all three options and read through the quick notes on the right in order to get a quick overview of some of the basic features of theWord.

You may click on:

Cancel: to retain your current layout
Preview: if you want to preview a layout live, before choosing
Go: if you want to start using the selected layout.




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manual version: 4.0.1327