User Formatting


theWord's user formatting allows you to mark up each of your Bible modules to your liking, just as you may in your printed Bible.  This includes highlighting, underlining, coloring the text, etc.  Each Bible module has its own user formatting.  All of these options are easily accessible via the Formatting Toolbar.

Notice that you cannot apply user formatting to more than one verse at a time. If you select with your mouse more than one verse and click on any formatting button, only the first verse will be highlighted. Notice also that the formatting you make applies only to the specific Bible text you use.

The Formatting Toolbar

Formatting Toolbar

Formatting Toolbar

The Formatting Toolbar actually serves two functions within theWord.  First it serves as the toolbar used to format the user formatting of the Bible View.  It also serves to format your text as you make your own module in the Book View.  It changes appearance depending on  the use at hand (the picture above displays the toolbar when you are about to apply formatting to a Bible text).

The formatting toolbar toggle can be found in the Main Menu: View -> Toolbars -> Formatting.

The icons in the toolbar explain each function:

Highlighting - you can highlight any text with a highlight color of your choice.  This will alter the background color of your selected text.
Text color - you can change the text color of selected text to a color of your choice.
Bold and Italic - just the same as in a text editor.
Solid Underline - this will underline the selected text with a solid underline of your color choice.
Dashed Underline - this will underline the selected text with a dashed underline of your color choice.
Dotted Underline - this will underline the selected text with a dotted underline of your color choice.

The palette icon at the far left of the toolbar serves a very important purpose.  This will turn the formatting off and on.  This will not delete formatting, only make the formatting invisible.  User formatting can also be toggled in the Bible View Options, Bible View Options Quick List (see here), or by the shortcut U.

TIP: if you right click on any toolbar in theWord, you will get a popup menu from where you can quickly toggle the visibility of any toolbar.

TIP: for the Highlighting, Text Color, and Underlines, you can click on the little black arrow at the left of the button to see a list of available colors. theWord automatically saves the last used colors so you can re-apply them and create a uniform highlighting result.

TIP: Remember that before you apply some formatting, you need to first select some text in the Bible view (holding down the left mouse-button and dragging the mouse over the text). If you don't do so, any action you do will just be ignored, without any visible sign.

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