Non-user modules formatting


In case a non-user module is being displayed in the Book view, the formatting toolbar has less options and is as follows:

Book view formatting toolbar for non-user modules

Book view formatting toolbar for non-user modules

The functions of the buttons are self-explanatory.

By definition, you cannot change the content of a non-user module. The formatting options above can be used to annotate/highlight the non-user module without changing the actual content.

Since the actual content of a non-user module is not really changed, theWord gives you the option to restore the original content of a topic of a non-user module that you have applied formatting. To do so, just right click on the reader area, and from the popup menu select the option Remove user formatting...

Remove formatting<br>

Remove formatting

Notice that this option will appear only if you have applied some formatting/highlighting to the current topic of a non-user module.

Removing all user formatting from a module

You can remove the user formatting from all topics of a module from the Module Properties dialog, Settings/Actions tab, Actions group, Delete all user formatting from non-user module... action (select and press Execute selected action...)

Making user formatting permanent

There is an action that allows you to make the formatting you have applied to a non-user module permanent. If you do this you are actually over-writing the content of the non-user module with the formatted one. This can only be execute on non-encrypted modules. You can perform this action from the Module Properties dialog, Settings/Actions tab, Actions group, Make permanent all user formatting from non-user module... action (select and press Execute selected action...). Be careful since you cannot undo this.

Changing the user status of a non-user module with formatting

A special case is presented if you try to change a non-user module on which you have applied formatting to a user module. In that case you need to decide if you want to keep the formatted or non-formatted content. By default, performing this action will use the formatting content and the original will be lost. If this is not what you want to do, you will need to remove first all user formatting by following the instructions in the above section.

Module updates and user formatting

When you apply formatting to a non-user module, theWord actually makes a copy of the whole topic and saves this along with the original content. The changed/copied topic (with the formatting) is stored within the same file as the original module. This means that if you overwrite this file (e.g. by installing a newer version of a module), all user formatting will be lost.

This is a deficiency that will be addressed in a future version. Normally, theWord should store the formatted content separately (in the Personal file folder) so it is not overwritten when upgrading a module. Moreover, because at the moment the changes are stored in the module itself, and because the actual modules are shared by all users of the computer, any formatting of a non-user module also appears to other users of the computer that possibly use theWord (this is the only case that this happens since normally every user has it's personalized settings, files, etc).

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